How to Cancel DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket

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Q. I had DIRECTV’s Sunday Ticket last year, but I’m not sure I want it this year and I’m afraid that DIRECTV will add it to the bill. How can I cancel it to make sure I’m not billed? — Geno, Dayton, Ohio. 

Geno, that’s a great question. DIRECTV places an auto-renewal feature on the NFL Sunday Ticket so you will be charged for the upcoming 2019 season in six monthly installments if you don’t cancel.

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How do you turn off the auto-renewal feature so you’re not charged?

You could call DIRECTV and ask to cancel prior to the upcoming season. But if you’re fearful that the satcaster’s customer service team will fumble the request, there’s another way.

Sign in to your NFL Sunday Ticket account and select the My Account button. From there, select Billing and Transactions.

Then, under the Service Status area, turn off the auto-renew feature by selecting Here. Finally, hit OK to confirm the change.

That will do it. And by the way, DIRECTV has decided not to raise the price of the 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket. So if you want to renew, you won’t pay more than you did last year. (See our article for more information. )

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  1. The last time I called to cancel my subscription, they made several—each time getting better—offers to make me to change my mind. Ended up offering me the most expensive package for less than half price. Call them and see what they will do for you. They do not want to lose subscribers. I have done this several times and it always works, and I know of other people that have done this. Try it! You can always say no.

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