Q. Our family is planning our summer vacation and we would like to watch video while on the road, particularly the kids, if you know what I mean. Is there anyway to watch Netflix without having the Internet, like in the car? — Claire, Kansas City.

Claire, you will be happy to hear that you can watch both TV shows and movies from the Netflix catalog without the Internet. It’s a relatively simple process, and here’s how you can do it:

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First, you will need one of the following:
* An iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 9.0 or later;
* A phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later;
* A tablet or computer running the Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or later.
* An Amazon Fire tablet running Fire 4.0 or later.

You can not download a Netflix title on any other device. But if you have one of the four devices listed above, you’re half way home. (You’ll also need the latest Netflix app for Windows 10, Apple iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV.)

Next, you will need an Internet connection to download the Netflix title, and of course, an active Netflix streaming account.

Once connected to Netflix, you can then search for titles that are available for downloading (watching the title offline) by going to the Menu and clicking, ‘Available For Downloads.’ (Note: Not all titles can be downloaded.)

Once you find a title you want, go its description page and click on the download icon, which looks like this: If your Internet connection is at least moderately fast, the download should take less than 10 minutes. (By example, I recently downloaded a 90-minute movie in just two minutes using a coffee shop Internet service.)

Once the download is completed, you can access it from the ‘My Downloads’ section of the app you are using to watch Netflix. Click on the ‘Play’ icon next to the title, and it will begin to play, whether you are connected to the Internet or not.

The downloaded title will stay in your Netflix ‘My Downloads’ file so long as it’s available in the Netflix catalog. If the title expires, and is removed from Netflix’s library, it will no longer be available for downloading.

Last note: You can also set the video quality of your download, from standard-definition to 1080p High-Definition. The higher the video quality, the longer it takes to download the show or movie.

Happy traveling, and happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo from Pexels.com.