DIRECTV to Add Epix! Finally!


AT&T has finally reached a carriage agreement with Epix that will allow DIRECTV to carry the premium movie channel starting May 19.

Epix, which is owned by MGM, has not been available on DIRECTV since its launch nearly 10 years ago, although it has been carried by other major pay TV providers such as Comcast, Dish and Charter, and even the AT&T-owned U-verse.

DIRECTV executives once said publicly that they didn’t think they needed Epix because they carried other premium channels such as Starz, HBO and Cinemax.

But in an announcement today, AT&T, which now owns DIRECTV, said Epix is a “great addition” to the satcaster’s lineup.

“We are pleased to add EPIX to our vast content offering in the premium TV category. With its growing lineup of original programming, EPIX is a great addition for our DIRECTV customers,” said Dan York, AT&T’s senior executive vice president and chief content officer.

DIRECTV will charge $5.99 a month for Epix.

AT&T said today that the channel will also be added soon to DIRECTV Now, its live service, but pricing was not announced.

Epix features first-run films from Lionsgate, Paramount and the MGM studio such as A Quiet Place and Arrival as well as original shows such as Get Shorty, Berlin Station (pictured) and Deep State.

— Phillip Swann

11 comments on “DIRECTV to Add Epix! Finally!”

  1. Well that sucks direct tv. You’ve got the epic channels in the movies extra listing. Very deceiving I might add. You already charge too much or at least to me. I’m going to have to rethink my direct tv. Have been long time customer but just keeps going up and up. It looks as tho it should be in free preview. Very very disappointing.

  2. Movies Extra Pack is in free preview from May 21 – 27 on Channels 564 – 573 and is available to subscribe to for $4.99 per month.
    EPIX is not in free preview on channels 558 – 560 and is available to subscribe to for $5.99 per month.
    Movies Extra Pack and EPIX are two separate subscription packages.

  3. Angers me because it’s in bold lettering on my menu as though I get it with my $$$premium package, yet no? I’m rethinking dtv.

    1. It’s in bold letters on my package and I don’t get it. I already pay 4.99 for the extra package and now DTV wants another 5.99 for these stations…. forget it!! I lost HBO cause my daughter picked another phone package which she was told we’d still have it. Now we don’t and we can’t change back to what we had. Liars that’s all Att is ….. is liars!! However, they do help me with my pricing package each month cause I told them I’m disabled and live off SSD now and I’ve been a customer since 2004.
      They’ve been good to help me since I lost my job and my ex decided he couldn’t b with a disabled person anymore.
      I still wish the Epix channels were in my 4.99 package. I wouldn’t mind paying 5.99 a month for the extras in my package I already pay for but charge me another package price that’s crazy!!! I’m not doing it!!!

      1. I totally agree with all these comments and I’m sure there’s hundreds if not thousands of us that are upset that our DirecTV bill keeps climbing and climbing and climbing . I do have the one extra pack so I can get the Hallmark Channel’s but it totally is ridiculous to pay $5.99 for three channels especially if you have a smart TV you can watch these movies . I have been with DirecTV since 1996 and each year I call in and they usually knocked 30 bucks off my bill, but not this time I’m strongly considering switching provider.
        I’m already extremely upset that I have to pay for a sports package and I do not even watch sports but DirecTV and or AT&T force me to pay five or $6 extra month for the well of it . Plus you’re supposed to get one box free and only be charge $7 for the other box , it’s probably been five years that my boxes were changed to HD I’m still being charge 20 bucks for an old receiver of HD and $7 for the second box my bill is is extremely high and keeps getting higher .
        I could call DirecTV to see if they can give me some discounts and they probably would but then I would be locked in for year . I have stayed with DirecTV all this time because they seem to be fair and treat their customers very good . But in the last three to four years my bill has doubled and I am strongly considering like I said earlier another provider and with my Smart TVs I can get many of these programs and or movies for no extra price at all if I want to watch commercial free TV

  4. Forget about talking to anyone about your bill that uses english as their first language. AT&T Direct TV billing is handled exclusively in the Philippines. I have been a Direct TV customer for over ten years. Primarily due to their stellar customer service staff. Now comes AT&T, I have spent over four hours in the past month (speaking to several congenial Philippine reps) that cannot understand how to refund $95 for an equipment order that was not requested. I am devastated and feel as I have absolutely no control of my account. As soon as my contract is up, hello Dish!

  5. I am in complete agreement with others, I am so unhappy with Direct TV’s customer service. They need to think about their customer service, especially with so many off work, are they really worth it?

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