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DIRECTV Now & The Case of The Missing 4K

Q. I was thinking of subscribing to DIRECTV Now to get a cheaper package, and 4K programming. I heard they were now doing 4K. Is that so? — Penelope, Big Spring, Texas. 

Penelope, I am glad you asked that question because AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, and DIRECTV Now, said way back in 2017 that the live streaming service would soon offer 4K. (DIRECTV already offered live and On Demand 4K.) Company executives later said it would be ‘early 2018’ when it would introduce 4K on DIRECTV Now, and, sometime after that, they said it would be the spring of 2018.

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Well, it’s now the spring of 2019 and DIRECTV Now still doesn’t offer 4K!

AT&T has not explained why the launch of 4K has been delayed, nor provided a new launch date. Meanwhile, fuboTV last summer became the first, and still only, live streaming service to offer live and/or On Demand 4K programming.

With DIRECTV Now’s sub growth now in rapid decline (350,000 subscribers lost in the last six months),  AT&T would be wise to accelerate its effort to bring 4K to the live streaming audience. There is relatively little 4K programming available on the market, and DIRECTV Now could win over some new customers with an interesting 4K lineup.

Penelope, hope that helps. Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

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