Q. I have DIRECTV Now, but sometimes I can’t log in, no matter how many times I try. Then, several hours later, it will work. Is this normal? — Genny, Alexandria, Virginia. 

Genny, it’s common, but not normal. Let me explain.

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DIRECTV Now only permits you to stream on two devices at the same time, unless you pay an extra $5 a month for a third device. Sometimes, a family that subscribes to the live streaming service may be using more than the number of devices allowed under its plan.

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For example, if Mom and Dad are watching DIRECTV Now at the same time, Junior will not be able to log in on a third device unless the family purchased the third-device option. And if you have three devices in your plan, only three members of the household can watch at the same time. The fourth person would not be able to log in.

And it can get more complicated than that. Let’s say there are only two people in your household and they both recently  used DIRECTV Now, but one wants to use it again a few hours later. That person may not be able to log in because neither person logged out after watching the streamer a few hours earlier. To DIRECTV Now, it looks like two people are still using the service so you wouldn’t be able to log in later although only one person in your household is actually using it.

The solution to this problem is to always log out after you finish watching your shows. That way, DIRECTV Now’s servers won’t think two people are still logged in, thereby preventing someone from logging in later.

Of course, there are also times where DIRECTV Now’s system is down which would also prevent you from logging in no matter how many people are watching. But that’s another issue for another day.

Genny, hope that helps. Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann