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Is Netflix Raising Prices? Again?!

Q. I got an e-mail from Netflix saying they are raising prices next month! Didn’t they just raise them a few months ago? Seems to me that I read a story from you that they were raising them. — Connie, Oklahoma City.

Connie, you are right in both statements. Sort of.

Netflix did raise prices last January for new customers by 13 to 18 percent. However, the e-mail you refer to is only a reminder from Netflix that as an existing customer, your prices will go up next month as well. This is not a new price increase; it’s exactly what Netflix said it would do in January’s announcement regarding price increases.

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In case you forgot, Netflix’s premium plan, which includes 4K programming and four simultaneous streams, will rise from $13.99 a month to $15.99 in May. The company’s standard plan, which includes two streams and high-def programming (but no 4K), will go from $10.99 a month to $12.99 a month.

The basic plan, which includes standard-def programming, will rise from $7.99 a month to $8.99 a month.

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Netflix says the price increases are necessary to offset the rising cost of acquiring new programming. The subscription Video on Demand service is investing several billions of dollars a year on original and licensed shows.

However, if you’re not happy with the price hike, there is an easy to cancel your service. Click here for more information.

Hope that helps, Happy viewing!

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