DIRECTV Now Expands Free Trial; Is AT&T Worried?


DIRECTV Now today unveiled two new packages for new customers. And perhaps concerned that consumers will balk at the higher prices, the live streamer is offering a free, one-month trial for both plans.

The new packages, called Max and Plus, cost $50 a month and $70 a month respectively. The Max plan includes more than 40 channels while the Plus package has more than 50 channels. (HBO Is included for free in each plan while HBO and Cinemax is included for free in the Plus package.)

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The Max plan represents a $10 a month increase from DIRECTV Now’s previous base package, which cost $40 a month and included more 60 channels. However, the old $40 package, called ‘Live a Little,’ only featured a one-week free trial.

With DIRECTV Now losing a net of 267,000 subscribers in last year’s fourth quarter after the streamer discontinued a series of promotional discounts, its owner, AT&T, might be worried that the new starting price will trigger more defections. Consequently, the company is trying to woo new customers to give the service a try by expanding the free trial period. (It’s arguably a good deal; where else can you get HBO free for a month?)

To take advantage of the free month trial, a new customer must type in the promo code, March2019, when signing up. The customer can cancel anytime up to the last day of the one month trial to avoid paying anything. If the customer doesn’t cancel, he or she will be billed for the second month at the $50 a month or $70 a month rate, depending upon the plan selected.

DIRECTV Now says the one-month free offer will expire on March 31, 2019, and it’s only available to new subscribers.

The live streaming service this week is also notifying existing subscribers that their bills are rising $10 a month as well. See our story for more details.

— Phillip Swann

7 comments on “DIRECTV Now Expands Free Trial; Is AT&T Worried?”

  1. Too bad they do not include 4K video viewing on the streaming service. Owners of 4K TV’s are looking for a service to connect with that will not charge an “ultra” high fee for that service.

  2. They dropped a lot of channels that were previously available, like Elrey for example, these new packages suck and ar e to expensive for what little you get, big deal includes HBO and or Cinemax, what a joke they have become.

    1. It’s all BS, people just want mostly local,national news and a few SF channels, all the rest is junk. Never pay more than $25.00 a month.

  3. I signed up when Directv Now first came out with the understand as long as I didn’t cancel the service it would remain $35. The first $5 increase I could swallow, but another $10 increase has me searching for alternatives.

  4. ATT wouldn’t lie, would they ? I’m the same as you, signed up at the very beginning and locked in at $35. Will we also lose channels too even though we are in a grandfathered package ?

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