Q. I’m thinking of getting a 4K TV to watch all the March Madness and conference tournament games. But is this a good time to buy one? Is the price right? — Dave, Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Dave, unlike the Super Bowl, which was a so-so time to buy a 4K TV, this month’s college basketball championship is a very good time to get one for two reasons.

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1. There will actually be games in 4K!
The Super Bowl was not available in 4K, despite strong suggestions otherwise from retailers (who should know better) and journalists (who probably didn’t know better.). Consequently, it was silly to get a new 4K TV for a game that would only be broadcast in HD.

But DIRECTV, Dish, and the live streaming service, fuboTV, will all broadcast games from the Big East and/or Big Ten tournaments in 4K. The Big East and Big Ten tournaments begin this week so if you have one of those three providers, you could go get a 4K TV and watch all the action in the new picture format. (Note: If you don’t subscribe to DIRECTV or Dish, fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial, a great opportunity to check out its 4K coverage of this week’s conference championships without paying a dime.)

In addition, DIRECTV says it will broadcast games from the actual March Madness tournament in 4K. The event, which begins March 19, has never been available in 4K until this year.

2. TV makers are offering March Madness deals. 
Set manufacturers often begin lowering prices this time of the year to clear out inventory and make way for the new year’s models. So you can find some great deals on TVs now at retail and online at sites such as Amazon.com. For example, Sony is selling this 65-inch 4K TV for under $1,000, and this 75-inch model for $2,398 with free delivery. (I paid $600 more for the 75-inch set just five months ago to give you an idea of what a good deal this is.)

Vizio has also reduced prices for many 2018 models, as has other TV makers. To see today’s best-selling TVs at Amazon, you can click here. 

So, Dave, this is indeed a good time to buy a 4K TV, if you’re interested in upgrading from your current High-Definition TV.

Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo from Pexels.com.