Q. I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan living in Atlanta. My question is: Can I watch every Phillies game with the actual Phillies broadcast on MLB.TV? Or will it be some budget MLB announcer doing the game? Also does Comcast’s Extra Innings plan have home and away broadcasts? — Brian, Atlanta. 

Brian, now that the Phillies have signed Bryce Harper, I can understand that you would want to watch the actual local broadcast of the games, rather than some nationally-produced version with announcers who may be unfamiliar with the team and its players. So I am happy to report that I have good news for both of your questions.

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MLB.TV, the league’s streaming edition for out-of-market games, includes both the home and away feeds for every game. For example, if the Phillies were playing the Washington Nationals, you could choose the Phillies broadcast on Comcast SportsNet or the Nationals broadcast on MASN. Why you can even switch back and forth if you so choose, although why you would do that, I do not understand.

By the way, MLB.TV this season costs $118.99, which is a $3 increase over last year.

Comcast’s Extra Innings plan also includes both the home and away broadcast of each game. (Note: Comcast has yet to reveal its pricing for the 2019 Extra Innings package; it says it will in mid-March.) The cable operator, by the way, also has a mosaic channel that displays multiple games on screen at the same time.

Hope that helps. Happy viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo from Pexels.com