Sling TV: Why You Can’t Watch Big Ten Games


Q. I’m a Sling TV subscriber. While Fox Sports 1 is carrying a Big Ten Network game, it’s blacked out on Sling TV. But that’s not the case if a Big Ten game is airing on ESPN. Why is that? — Chuck, hometown withheld. 

Sling, which is owned by Dish, does not carry the Big Ten Network, which is majority-owned by Fox. Consequently, the live streaming service does not have the rights to carry certain Big Ten games on FS1, which is also owned by Fox.

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It’s basically a Fox decision. The network wants Sling to carry the Big Ten Network. So, to put pressure on Sling, it doesn’t allow the streamer’s subscribers to watch Big Ten games on FS1. Fox controls both channels so it has the right to make this call.

However, Sling can show Big Ten games that air on other channels not owned by Fox such as ESPN and NBC. That’s why your Big Ten games are available on ESPN.

Chuck, hope that helps. Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

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3 comments on “Sling TV: Why You Can’t Watch Big Ten Games”

  1. Hi sling subscriber and big ten fan here
    Will sling feel the pressure enough to add BTN in time for 2019 kickoff or will I have to drop sling?

  2. I will be dropping sling this fall because of no big ten network !!! I have other options and not fox !!!

  3. i was told If I purchased Sling I could watch Big ten games but after doing some research and reading this I wont be giving Sling any money. Thanks Fox. Go Blue!

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