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Will Super Bowl 2019 Be In 4K? We Have Your Answer!

Q. I read that CBS will use a bunch of 4K cameras for the Super Bowl next month. Does that mean the game will be available in 4K on DIRECTV or Dish or other services? — Manny, Tampa, Florida.

Manny, you are right. CBS last week announced it will employ 16 4K cameras, and nine Sony slow-motion cameras capable of capturing 4K images, during next month’s broadcast of the 53rd Super Bowl from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. (The game will be played Sunday, February 3.)

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The news has triggered rumors that CBS will produce a separate broadcast of the game in 4K, which would then be carried by DIRECTV and perhaps Dish. (Both satcasters have live 4K channels, and have aired a number of live sporting events in the new picture format including NBA and MLB games.) 4K broadcast of Super Bowl LIII would truly be historic, particularly since there has yet to be any NFL game broadcast in 4K, much less the Super Bowl.

So today I asked Gerard Caraccioli, CBS Sports’ executive director for communications, whether CBS will produce a 4K broadcast of the game. His answer: Nope.

“No, it will not be a separate 4K broadcast,” Caraccioli told the

So, Manny, 2019 will NOT be the first year that we can watch the nation’s biggest sporting event in 4K. Maybe next year, Manny. Maybe next year.

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— Phillip Swann

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5 Comments on Will Super Bowl 2019 Be In 4K? We Have Your Answer!

  1. local tv affiliates don’t have 4K and not even that even with no 4K they have the right to block system from getting an non local super blow feed.

  2. What a shame. Everyone has these 4K TVs and the networks don’t support it. I guess I’ll hold off on buying that 8k tv. Lol.

  3. CBS could stream it in 4K with Amazon.
    They have ways to get this done.

  4. Hoping that we get a 4K SB in 2020. Fox has the Super Bowl in 2020 and would hate to watch it in glorious 720p on my 4K TVs.

  5. fox affiliates will block it on dish / directv unless they are able to up link the local feed.

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