Q. I saw your article about the lack of live 4K on DIRECTV. What about Comcast? What is their 4K lineup? I have Comcast and I am thinking about getting a 4K TV. — Tom, Nashville. 

Tom, you’re not going to like what I have to say.

As of this morning, Comcast’s 4K lineup consists of three On Demand shows — a documentary called Great Barrier Reef; a documentary called Ski Moments; and a 4K video of a burning fireplace called, you guessed it, Fireplace 4K. And that’s it.

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To make matters worse, the fireplace doc requires a Netflix subscription; the skiing show requires a subscription to the Outside TV channel; and the Great Barrier Reef doc is a Pay-Per-View title.

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There are no live 4K shows scheduled on Comcast, unlike Dish and DIRECTV, which occasionally air live sporting events in 4K. In fact, Comcast has never aired a show live in 4K.

Comcast’s On Demand menu recently featured several recorded events from the 2018 Olympics in 4K, such as the Opening Ceremonies, skating and hockey. But as of this morning, those 4K broadcasts were gone.

So we’re basically left with the three shows.

Oh, Comcast does offer 4K shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can watch those on Comcast’s Net-connected X1 set-top. That is, if you have a subscription to Netflix and/or Amazon — and subscribe to Comcast’s Internet service. (You can watch 4K shows from Netflix and Amazon using any 4K-enabled streaming device. Big whoop that Comcast has them, too.)

Bottom line: Comcast’s 4K offering is abysmal.

Tom, if you’re considering buying a 4K TV because of what you can watch on Comcast, save your money.

— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo from Pexels.com.