Dish Becomes 5th Pay TV Op to Raise Prices For 2019


Dish this weekend has begun alerting existing subscribers that prices on their programming packages will rise in January, the fifth major pay TV operator to announce that it’s hiking monthly video fees in 2019.

DIRECTV, U-verse, Comcast, Charter and now Dish have all announced that prices will go up, although the pay TV industry has been losing customers in the last few years largely because of rising prices.

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In a notice posted yesterday at its web site, the satcaster says the following plans will see price increases starting January 15, 2019:

Welcome Pack — $22.99 a month to $29.99 a month
Smart Pack — $32.99 a month to $35.99 a month
Dish America — $47.99 a month to $52.99 a month
America’s Top 120 — $62.99 a month to $67.99 a month
America’s Top 120 Plus — $67.99 a month to $72.99 a month
America’s Top 200 — $77.99 a month to $82.99 a month
America’s Top 250 — $87.99 a month to $92.99 a month
America’s Everything Pack — $137.99 a month to $142.99 a month

(Note: Dish says promotional prices will stay the same until the promotional period ends. And if you want to remove your local channels from the above packages, the cost will decrease by $12 a month. The one exception is the Welcome Pack which does not permit excising the local channels.)

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DIRECTV and U-verse, both owned by AT&T, have also begun alerting subscribers that their video bills will rise next month, ranging from a $1-a-month increase for the Basic Choice plan to $8-a-month hike for the Ultimate Premier package.

The satellite TV service says it will also raise regional sports channel fees in some areas by as much as $1.90 a month.

Charter began notifying customers in several markets a few months ago that prices will increase as did Comcast.

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7 comments on “Dish Becomes 5th Pay TV Op to Raise Prices For 2019”

  1. The developers/providers are likely experiencing blows to their balance sheets having to pay off the women abused by their male stars and executives. So they up their fees to the content delivery outfits who pass along the costs to their subscribers. Nothing changes. The elite screw-up, the little guy pays. The little guy screws up, the little guy pays.

  2. Thought the LOCAL Channels were included in the packages.
    When did Dish start charging $ 12.00 for LOCAL Channels ?
    DirecTV doesn’t

  3. With America’s Top 200 going to $77.99 a month to $82.99 a month plus add on Local Channel (from $7 to $12 at Begin of 2018) make all 94.99 before taxes, equipment, and added on programs that we may add. Right now receiver dvr is 15. That 5 dollar increase

  4. As Ann Landers once said: “People can only take advantage of you if you let them.” 2019 is the year in which I put my foot down. I gave DirecTV the boot on 12/10/2018 effective 1/2/2019 (the end of the prepaid billing period). I have a cancellation confirmation number from DirecTV yet they still tried to charge my credit card for the upcoming month. I called DTV 12/31/2018 to say NO! and then my credit card company to request they deny the payment. It’s easier to get rid of herpes than DirectTV. Their equipment gets shipped back 1/3/2019 and hopefully I will be done with them forever.

    It really did not make any economic sense to be paying them close to $100 / month to occasionally watch 2 or 3 of the 200 channels I was paying for. I have had Amazon Prime for 5 years and I have had a digital antenna on my roof since 2011 so I still had reception when the dish was covered with snow or being pelted with rain. I bought the new Amazon FireTV Recast (4 tuner 1TB model) that is now driving 5 TVs. It is working perfectly and the savings from dumping DirecTV will pay for all my new stuff in less than 4 months. Then it is 0$ / month with no rental costs, taxes, fees, surcharges or add-ons. AND- No never ending, constantly recurring price hikes like the latest one that is going into effect 1/20/2019. That would be the 3rd one since AT&T took over DirecTV in June 2018.

    Buh Bye DirecTV

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