DIRECTV, U-verse Raising Prices In January 2019


DIRECTV next month will raise prices on most programming packages for existing customers by $1 a month to $8 a month as well as hike the Regional Sports Channel fee in select markets, AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, has revealed in a notice posted at its web site.

U-verse, also owned by AT&T, will raise most programming plans by $3 a month to $7 a month, and raise its ‘Broadcast Surcharge Fee’ by $2 a month. 

DIRECTV has hiked prices on programming packages in January for several years in a row, blaming the rising cost of program acquisition. This year, AT&T again attributes the need to raise prices for U-verse and DIRECTV on increased carriage fees.

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“Because our programming costs went up, we have to raise our monthly prices for select packages starting January 20, 2019. You’ll see the new pricing on your bill,” the notice states.

Comcast and Charter have also announced price hikes for 2019.

DIRECTV’s 2017 price increase ranged from $2 a month to $6 a month while the the 2018 hike was $2 a month to $8 a month.

The DIRECTV rate increases coming in January 2019 will include the following plans:

* BASIC CHOICE — $1 a month increase
* SELECT — $3 a month increase
* MAS LATINO — $4 a month
* ENTERTAINMENT — $3 a month increase
* CHOICE — $5 a month
* TOTAL CHOICE — $5 a month
* CHOICE EXTRA CLASSIC — $6 a month increase
* TOTAL CHOICE LIMITED — $5 a month increase
* PREFERRED XTRA, EXTRA, ULTIMATE — $7 a month increase
* ULTIMATE PREMIER — $8 a month increase

DIRECTV says it will not increase the price of the Family plan

However, the satellite TV service says it will also raise the regional sports channel fee from $1 a month to $1.90 a month in most markets.

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U-verse is raising the price of the following plans starting January 20, 2019:

* U-FAMILY, U-100 — $3 a month
* U-200, U-300 — $5 a month
* U-400, U-450 — $7 a month

AT&T will not raise the price of the U-basic plan.

The AT&T notice says if you are on a current DIRECTV promotion, your discount will continue until it ends or expires. Once your promotional period ends, you will be charged at our new programming package prices.

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— Phillip Swann

18 comments on “DIRECTV, U-verse Raising Prices In January 2019”

  1. if you leave directv remember you paid a month in advance on the first bill. so if you leave at the end of the billing cycle you should not have to pay the last bill. call and fight.

  2. It looks like I will have to stop watching TV. I am on a fix income and can not afford the increase. I barely can make my payments now!!!

  3. This latest news about Directv attacking my wallet once again resulted in my “Cutting of the Cord” effective 1/2/2019 when my current prepayment runs out. Between my wife and myself we basically watch 3 channels from the 155 we pay for. We have has an OTA antenna for 6 years so we do not need Directv for local channels. We get 63 channels from the antenna. We are sick of being forced to buy a cow every month just to enjoy an occasional hamburger. So it is “Adios” to DirecTV!

    I purchased and installed an Amazon Fire TV Recast (4 tuner model) that is driving 5 TVs with 1TB of DVR recording space. That coupled with Amazon Prime (which we have had for years) is all we need. Monthly cost? $0. Monthly fees? $0. Monthly taxes and surcharges? $0. ATT/Directv savings will pay for it all in less than 6 months.

  4. Enough is enough. As of January it all be bye bye DIRECTV. I have firesticks on all of the tvs in the house now so I can watch pretty much whatever I want now. And simply is talking an OTA for my locals is a minimal investment. Just ridiculous.

  5. I have been with DIRECTV since 1998 and the prices is study Rising, they go down then go back up go down go back up there’s got to be another answer to the problem

  6. I was against them buying DirecTV to begin with. Everything they acquire they raise prices. Get a deal for 12 months but commit for 24 months. Even with deal price increase 25 %. Going to cut the cord and just do individual apps! DirecTV channel list is full of crap! Only about a dozen channels worth watching! Get Investigation Discovery on app, get CBS all access, get other apps, give AT&T the boot! I already watch shows on Hulu and YouTube way more than crap on DirectTV!

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