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Amazon Prime Adding 5 New Originals In January 2019

Amazon next month plans to add 26 new TV shows and movies to its Prime streaming lineup, including five originals.

The new titles for January 2019 will include Beautiful Boy, an Amazon Prime original movie starring Steve Carell as the father of teen boy addicted to drugs; season one of Informer, an Amazon Prime original series about a Pakistani man who becomes a counter-terrorism informant; season three of The Grand Tour, the Amazon Prime original series about adventure on the highways; season one of Four More Shots Please, an Amazon Prime original comedy series about four Indian women who struggle to adapt to culture change in their native land; and season 1b of The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Amazon’s reboot of the 1960s children show featuring a flying squirrel and a lovable moose.

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Note: All five original shows and movies will be available in 4K, except for Rocky & Bullwinkle.

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Here is the complete list of new titles coming to Amazon Prime streaming in January 2019:

January 1
Breaking Big, Season 1
First Civilizations, Season 1
Frontline, Season 36
Nova Wonders, Season 1

A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Alpha Dog (2006)
Brazil (1985)
G.I. Jews: Jewish-Americans In World War II (2018)
Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Jane Eyre (2011)
Reprisal (2018)
Rwanda: The Royal Tour (2018)
The Art of the Shine (2018)
The Jazz Ambassadors

January 3
Leave No Trace (2018)

January 4
Beautiful Boy (Amazon Original Movie)
Sherlock Gnomes

January 11
Informer (Amazon Prime Original)

January 12
Final Score

January 13
Eighth Grace (2018)

January 16
The Debt (2010)

January 18
The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime Original)

January 19
Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

January 25
Four More Shots Please! Season One (Amazon Prime Original)

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)

January 29
Endeavour, season five

Note: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, season 1b, will be added sometime in January.

— Phillip Swann

One thought on “Amazon Prime Adding 5 New Originals In January 2019

  1. Has anybody figured out how to delete a recorded episode from the Amazon FireTV Recast when there is more than one episode of that same show on the box? When I watch a recorded show, I have always deleted it as I no longer need it. Unfortunately the Recast gives you only 2 options: “Delete All” or “Cancel”. If you have only one, that is fine. If you have more than one, you either have to delete all of them or none of them??? Seems like an amateurish technical functional design oversight at best.

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