YouTube TV Offers Extended Free Trial


YouTube TV, the live streaming service owned by Google, is now offering a time-limited, 14-day free trial.

The streamer normally provides a seven-day free trial, but the 14-day freebie is now good to new customers who sign up before December 14, 2018 at noon, ET. (The extended free trial offer began on December 3, 2018.)

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YouTube TV says the 14-day free trial is only open to participants who are new users, and have not had a YouTube TV free trial before.

The service’s normal price of $40 a month will go into effect unless you cancel prior to the end of the 14-day trial.

YouTube TV offers more than 60 channels including the major broadcast networks in some markets. In addition, channels such as AMC, Shudder, Curiosity Stream, Starz, Showtime and the NBA League Pass can be purchased separately, if you have the $40 package.

— Phillip Swann

5 comments on “YouTube TV Offers Extended Free Trial”

  1. If you have broadband Internet, and a device that is not an Apple TV, I highly recommend trying YouTube TV — I’ve had it for seven months and I haven’t looked back. The $40 for YTTV combined with my legacy $15 Internet plan has saved me an enormous amount of money. My Internet is only 30×4 Mbps and YTTV works perfectly fine with a 1080p picture l, and 60 frames per second. If you are willing to try out a new user interface, which I will say is nothing like your legacy cable company’s user interface, you will likely be satisfied (IMO YTTV is significantly better once you learn it). There are no out-of-home restrictions on what you’re allow to see outside of your home *cough, Spectrum, cough*, the DVR is incredible with unlimited storage hours and unlimited simultaneous recordings. You have 9 months to watch your recordings before they’re deleted. In most markets the ‘Big 4’ or ‘Big 5’ local channels are available. They do not carry The CW in my market, but they have The CW prime time programming available On Demand. One oddball item — CBS specifically forces YTTV viewers to watch the On Demand version of their recorded prime time shows, with CBS forcing you to watch some limited ads. However, if you watch your CBS shows the same night they air, you can avoid the forced ads. When you travel to another market, you get the local channels from that market to view, if they are available. I use various Roku devices and an iPhone 7 Plus to stream YTTV and it works very well. I’ve never watched so much TV on my phone before! If you have a large-screen mobile device, you will really like YTTV. For audio lovers, currently YTTV only supports Stereo, but they are committed to 5.1 Surround sound during 2019 per a Q&A I saw with @TeamYouTube via Twitter. It should be noted I have seen reports, mainly on Reddit, that some people who subscribe to YTTV and specifically use an Apple TV streaming device report frequent video quality issues, but I can not say that has been an issue with my various Roku devices, RokuTV and/or iPhone 7 Plus. It has been flawless for me. Out of all of the online video distributors (vMVPD’s), YTTV currently has the lead on so many different categories.

  2. When you activate the youtubetv trial – is it only good on one device? I am having trouble connecting to my 2nd device, but it is using a roku from 2012…

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