Q. I’m interested in trying out the NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV. Can you get just one week to see if you like it? Are there any free trials? It can be expensive and I don’t know if I want to pay for the whole season. — Candy, Del Rio, Texas. 

Candy, you’re right. The entire season of DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is expensive. If you purchase the package now, it will cost a whopping $281. And that price doesn’t include some extras like access to the Red Zone channel.

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I’m also sorry to inform you that you are a little late for the free trial. DIRECTV had a free preview of the Sunday Ticket just last week!

But I have good news for you. There is a way to watch a single week’s worth of games without buying the entire season.

The bad news: It’s not cheap. But here’s how it works.

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On Sunday (today), if you go to DIRECTV’s channels in the 700s (where the Sunday Ticket games air), you can use your remote to order just that day’s games.

The cost for one day only is $49.99, but you would get the Sunday Ticket, every single game, for the entire day. You also get access to the Red Zone channel, the Fantasy Zone channel, and the Player/Tracker alerts.

To order by remote, you will need your set-top connected to the Internet. If your set-top is not connected, you can call DIRECTV at 1-531-5000 to order by phone.

There is no requirement to subscribe to the Ticket beyond the week you order. So the one week deal is a decent alternative, and a way to determine if you would like to order the entire season without making the full commitment.

Last note: DIRECTV sometimes reduces the Ticket’s price in early December for the last handful of regular season games. So keep an eye out for that as well.

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— Phillip Swann