Do 4K TVs Offer Picture In Picture?


Q. Do any TV makers make a model with Picture in Picture? I have a Pioneer PDP 5080 (about 10 years old) that has PNP and I use it a lot. I was wondering if any companies still make picture in picture sets, particularly a 4K version. — Brad, Middleton, Wisconsin. 

Brad, I get this question a lot. There seems to be a perception out there that Picture in Picture no longer exists, especially with the new 4K TVs.

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But I’m happy to tell you that Picture In Picture is alive and well. In fact, I was just using it on my new Sony 75-inch Smart 4K TV (model X940E).

It’s a cinch to operate. Simply hit an Action Menu button on the remote and an PIP option will appear on screen. Click on PIP and the picture you were watching will display in the right hand corner of the screen.

You will then be given the option of choosing the second video source which will become the dominant picture while the first video source will stay in the right hand corner.

Sony, of course, is not the only 4K TV with PIP so check out the specifications of any set you are interested in to see if the feature is listed. (It usually is.)

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— Phillip Swann

3 comments on “Do 4K TVs Offer Picture In Picture?”

  1. I don’t understand why these new 4KTV’s don’t support quad PIP, 4 screens at once. Seeing that most of them have 4 HDMI inputs, plus built in apps, theres no reason why they couldn’t do it. Quad PIP is great for live sports.

  2. Additionally, I have a dual monitor system on my computer. I would prefer to use one television with 2 hdmi inputs and use a Picture and Picture feature to imitate using two monitors. I prefer 4:3 19 inch monitors and they are no longer available. Two 19 wide screen monitors width exceed the available space on my desk. So I’d like to get a television that still has Picture and Picture in a 32 inch size. The explanations is that with DVRs and other devices no one has any use for PIP or PNP anymore which is blatantly untrue. I do not need 4k support just 1080p with 2 hdmi inputs.

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