Is Viacom Terminating Nick 2?


Q. I heard a rumor that Nickelodeon is getting rid of its Nick 2 channel. Is that true? — Marcy, Kansas City. 

Marcy, the rumor is true. Charter’s Spectrum TV service has begun notifying viewers and municipal partners that Viacom has decided to discontinue Nick 2 on or before November 22, 2018.

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In case you don’t know, Nick 2 is a time-shifting channel, meaning that it carries  Nickelodeon’s programming three hours after its originally aired on the main Nickelodeon channel.

That used to be a valuable service for cable TV viewers who forgot to watch it (or record it) the first time around.

But the onslaught of On Demand options in recent years has rendered time-shifting channels unnecessary. If a viewer wants to watch a show that aired three hours before, he or she can simply go to the cable operator’s On Demand menu, or the channel’s app or web site.

— Phillip Swann

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  1. Supposedly Dish and DirecTV still offer it. I am an Xfinity customer and still have it, but the Wikipedia article section about it mentioned there was some kind of deal to keep it on Dish and DirecTV, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappeared from my lineup in the coming weeks/months.

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