Q. What devices is DIRECTV Now available on. I have a PlayStation 4 and a XBox One. Is it available on those? — Cindy, Bangor, Maine. 

Cindy, DIRECTV Now, the live streaming service owned by AT&T, is available on many devices (see below), but it has never been available on either the XBox One or PlayStation 4, two of the most popular streaming/gaming products in the world.

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The omission is strange since both gaming consoles offer a variety of third-party streaming services such as Netflix and Vudu.

Since its launch in November 2016, DIRECTV Now’s Support page has simply said it’s not available on the XBox One while it hasn’t even mentioned the PS4, as if the Sony-owned device didn’t exist!

But that could be about to change.

AT&T recently updated its DIRECTV Now Support page to say that the live streaming service is “coming soon” to the XBox One. That’s a strong sign that Microsoft, which owns XBox One, and AT&T are working on a DIRECTV Now app for the gaming platform.

The Support page does not provide further details, such as a possible start date, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it launched before year’s end.

Now as for PlayStation 4.

Sony has its own live streaming service, called PlayStation Vue, which, of course, it available on the PS4. So it’s highly unlikely that it will ever carry DIRECTV Now. The live streaming business is competitive enough as it is; Sony doesn’t want Vue to have to fight for subscribers on its own turf.

Here is a list of streaming devices that now offer DIRECTV Now:

For Televisions:
Roku (select models)
Apple TV (4th generation)
Amazon Fire TV streaming device
Amazon Fire TV streaming stick
Amazon Smart TVs with Fire TV inside
Amazon Fire TV Cube
Amazon Fire TV Pendant

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Chromecast (2nd generation or higher)
Smart TVs with Chromecast built inside
Samsung 2017 and 2018 Smart TVs

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For Smart Phones and Tablets
Android phones 5.0 or higher
Android tablets 5.0 or higher
iPad iOS 10 and higher
iPhone iOS 10 or higher
iPod Touch iOS 10 or higher

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Lastly, you can watch DIRECTV Now programming on computers using a Safari 10 or Chrome 58 browser.

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— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo via Pexels.com.