Will the 2018 World Series Be In 4K?


Q. I know that some of the Dodgers-Brewers series was in 4K. But what about the World Series? Will that be in 4K? If so, who will carry it? I read a report saying FuboTV would. Is that true? — George, Indianapolis.

George, be careful what you read. That report you refer to was inaccurate and has been pulled from the site where it was published.

The 2018 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox will not be produced in 4K by Fox, which has the broadcast rights. Consequently, fuboTV, DIRECTV, Dish, or any other pay TV provider that has previously aired MLB games in 4K, will not air the World Series games in 4K.

Fox has not offered a reason for why it won’t do the Fall Classic in 4K. It seems like a natural showcase for the new picture format, particularly after the network just produced several NLCS games in 4K.

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But my educated guess is that Fox has decided to invest its World Series money in other enhancements such as additional cameras and in-game graphics. Like the Super Bowl (which also has not been available yet in 4K), the World Series is a very expensive event to produce and even Fox only has so much money to spend.

So, George, as fans of the old Brooklyn Dodgers used to say, maybe next year.

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— Phillip Swann

3 comments on “Will the 2018 World Series Be In 4K?”

  1. The Super Bowl is shot in 4k but the BIG BIG issue is local TV stations that have rights and that don’t have 4K will likely force black outs so big that very very few people will be able to view an 4K if there was one.

  2. The “Big Game” is usually not in 4k due to ratings and advertising .. that’s my guess . Last year Fox did the ALCS in 4k and same situation no WS in 4K. also currently FOX does 4K broadcasts with no commercials so think about how much $$ advertisers would loose if the “big game” (world series/ super bowl / nba finals / stanley cup etc) were in 4k . also as mention above local channels and all the “red tape ” with that .. so my gueess is possibly in 5 years once 4k gets bigger , but for now it will just be regular season and some playoff games

  3. The games are not in 4K because they can not be shown in 4K on local channels. If they had a separate 4K channel for the games then the local channels would be pissed and not get eyeballs watching their local add, not getting that ad revenue. Until all local channels can broadcast in 4K we won’t see the World Series or the Super Bowl in 4K anytime soon.

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