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Will DIRECTV & Dish Show Dodgers-Brewers In 4K?

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Q. You did a story on how fuboTV will have the National League Championship Series in 4K. But what about DIRECTV and Dish. Will they? They usually have stuff in 4K, too. (I have Dish!) — Marie, Boston.

Marie, you are right. fuboTV, the live streaming service, has committed to showing all seven games (if necessary) of MLB’s National League Championship Series in 4K, starting with tonight’s game one between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers.

And I am happy to report that both DIRECTV and Dish say they will show games one through four in 4K.

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Dish says that it’s not ready to commit beyond games one through four, but will offer more information if the series extends beyond game four. DIRECTV last night issued a press release also committing to games one through four, but the statement did not reveal if the 4K coverage will include games five through seven, if they are necessary.

Dish’s 4K version of the NLCS, which is being produced by Fox Sports, will air on channel 540.

DIRECTV says tonight’s game, which starts at 8:09 p.m ET, will be on channel 106 while tomorrow’s game two (4:09 p.m. ET) will be on channel 105. Games three (October 15, 7:30 p.m. ET) and four (October 16, 9 p.m. ET) will be on channel 106.

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4 Comments on Will DIRECTV & Dish Show Dodgers-Brewers In 4K?

  1. Maui, Hawaii, channel 105 not available with Direct TV. How can I watch Game 2?

    • TV Answer Man // October 13, 2018 at 2:39 pm // Reply

      Fox Sports channel

    • yea D* is having an issue / ongoing chat on

      probally cause the re allocated the PPV 4k channel

    • The issue was it was on local FOX .
      the other games are on FS1 so there should not be blackouts
      according to DBStalk others also could not view the game, a viewer in Milwaukee was able to confirm he was able to watch the 4K feed.

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