Q. I just bought a 4K TV. Are there any college football games in 4K this weekend? — Ed, Cincinnati. 

Ed, congratulations on your purchase. And if you are a subscriber to DIRECTV or Dish, you will be able to watch some college gridiron action this weekend in the new picture format.

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Both DIRECTV and Dish will air tonight’s Big Ten game (September 21) between Penn State and Illinois in 4K. Penn State, which places in the Top 10 in early season rankings, is a four-touchdown favorite in the game which starts at 9 p.m. ET.

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DIRECTV will show the game on its live 4K channel, which is 106, while Dish will air it on channel 540.

Next Saturday, DIRECTV will air the the Stanford-Notre Dame game at 7:30 p.m. ET in 4K on channel 106. The game will be in HDR (High Dynamic Range), which can add realism and vividness to the 4K picture.

If you’re not a satellite subscriber, you could get a free seven-day trial at fubo TV, the live streaming service which will also show tonight’s Penn State-Illinois game in 4K. Once the free trial expires, fubo’s monthly subscription for 70+ channels is $44.99. However, you can cancel at any time.

Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann