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How Far Should You Sit From a HDTV?

Q. You wrote this morning about how far you should sit from a 4K TV. Okay, how about a High-Definition TV. Can you tell us that, too? — Ellen, Detroit. 

Ellen, forgive my omission. I did write this morning about the importance of sitting closer to a 4K TV screen to get the full benefit of the set’s improved resolution, which some say is four times greater than a high-def set.

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So, what about a High-Definition TV, you ask? Where should you sit when you are watching just a regular old HDTV?

Well, I used Sony’s guide for where to position yourself for 4K so I might as well use Sony for high-def, too.

According to Sony, you should sit three times the vertical size of the HDTV screen, which translates to the following:

22-Inch HDTV — 31 inches away (2.59 feet)
26-inch HDTV — 39 inches away (3.25 feet)
32-inch HDTV — 47 inches away (3.92 feet)
40-inch HDTV — 59 inches away (4.92 feet)
46-inch HDTV — 67 inches away (5.58 feet)

50-inch HDTV — 75 inches away (6.25 feet)
55-inch HDTV — 83 inches away (6.92 feet)
60-inch HDTV — 90 inches away (7.55 feet)

At those distances, Sony says you will best experience the high-def picture without straining your eyes, and your noggin.

Happy Viewing!

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— Phillip Swann

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