Q. Do you think there will be a bunch more 4K programming real soon. Seems like it’s tough to find, it’s mostly stuff on Netflix. Where’s the programming from my regular channels like CBS and HBO? — Selena, Nashville. 

Selena, I feel your pain. While Netflix and Amazon Prime have rolled out some 4K programming via streaming, the networks and cable channels, such as the ones you mentioned, have done very little.

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CBS, for instance, has produced a few golf tournaments in 4K, which have aired on DIRECTV, but that’s about it. Fox has done some college sports and MLB baseball in 4K, but again, you need a subscription to Dish or DIRECTV to watch it. (Note: fuboTV, the live streaming service, also carries some Fox-produced college football games.)

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And most of the top channels have largely ignored 4K, at least when it comes to producing programming in the format.

Unfortunately, Selena, I don’t see this changing.

4K TVs have been stores now for several years, and they are selling fairly well. But there’s a big gap between the sale of the 4K TV and the viewing of 4K TV programming.

And that’s because 4K TV is still too complicated for the average consumer. There are different formats, different ways that 4K TV looks depending upon which TV you own, or what your settings are. It can also look different depending upon how the filmmaker decided to shoot the video.

Bottom line: The average consumer is still confused about 4K TV and is in no hurry to have all of his or her programming in the format. The 4K TV owner likes the new technology in 4K sets, which makes High-Definition shows look even better. But the 4K programming itself isn’t ready for primetime.

Consequently, there’s little incentive for the networks and cable channels to invest serious dollars in 4K TV because the demand for it is, well, far from deafening.

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— Phillip Swann