Q. Yesterday I tried to watch the Fresno State-Minnesota game on FS1 on Sling TV, but it said it was blacked out. How can that be? I don’t live anywhere near those places?! — Carla, Miami.

Carla, the game was blacked out on Sling TV, but it had nothing to do with territorial reasons.

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Sling, which is owned by Dish, does not carry the Big Ten Network, which is majority-owned by Fox. Consequently, the live streaming service does not have the rights to carry certain Big Ten games on FS1, which is also owned by Fox.

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It’s basically a Fox decision. The network wants Sling to carry the Big Ten Network. So, to put pressure on Sling, it doesn’t allow the streamer’s subscribers to watch Big Ten games on FS1. Fox controls both channels so it has the right to make this call.

However, Sling can show Big Ten games that air on other channels not owned by Fox such as ESPN and NBC.

Sling says at its web site that the blackout will affect three more Big Ten games on FS1 this season:

* Kent State at Penn State on September 15
* Penn State at Illinois on September 21
* Indiana at Minnesota on October 26

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— Phillip Swann