Q. I’m a Comcast Internet subscriber and I read yesterday that Comcast is putting ESPN3 on their set-tops so people can stream them on their TVs. But, can I watch them as an Internet subscriber? I don’t have a video subscription. — Marlon, Boston.

Marlon, the answer is yes, but for starters, let me explain what Comcast did yesterday.

The cable operator added ESPN3, the ACC Network Extra channel, and the SEC Network + channel to its lineup of streaming services on X1 video set-tops.  That means Comcast video subscribers can stream those channels directly to their TVs.

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But Comcast’s Internet-only subscribers are not being left out.

By downloading the WatchESPN app, a Comcast Internet-only customer can watch ESPN3 on his or her Smart TV, mobile device, tablet or computer for no additional charge.

(Note: WatchESPN is a web site and app that simulcasts ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Desportes, ESPNews, the SEC Network, the Longhorn Network and the ACC Network. The online service is also the exclusive home of ESPN 3, which airs games not available on the cable TV channels._

Comcast will allow Net-only subscribers to watch the Net-only channel, ESPN 3, but not the other ESPN channels, which require a video subscription.

The logic is simple. ESPN3 is an Internet channel so Comcast makes it available to Internet subscribers. But ESPN, ESPN 2, etc. are video channels so you have to get a video subscription to watch them.

So, Comcast Internet subscribers, go to your laptop or mobile device and tune into WatchESPN. There are plenty of games to watch that you may have been missing. For example, ESPN3 today will stream a U.S. Open tennis match at 2:35 p.m. ET.

Happy Viewing!

By the way, Verizon Broadband-only customers, and other Broadband services,  also offer ESPN 3 on WatchESPN. Check with your Internet service for details.

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— Phillip Swann

Photo credit: Free photo by Bruce Mars via Pexels.com.