Q. I remember you wrote that DIRECTV Now had a special $10 a month deal, but I can’t find it anywhere on their web site. What am I doing wrong? — Tammy, Chicago.

Tammy, you are right. DIRECTV Now this year launched a promotion that permitted new subscribers to take $25 off their bill for the first three months. Since the base subscription plan was $35 a month, that meant you only had to pay $10 a month during the three-month promotional period.

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When DIRECTV Now raised its base plan to $40 a month in July, the live streaming service allowed new customers to take $30 a month off for the first three months, which kept the $10 deal alive.

However, the deal is dead, at least for now. Without warning or announcement, DIRECTV Now has removed the $10 a month promotion. Subscribers who signed up for it will still get that rate until their three-month term is over, but new customers can no longer longer participate.

It’s not too surprising that DIRECTV Now would drop the promotion at summer’s end. AT&T, which owns DIRECTV Now, was obviously losing money by offering such a low price, and it would have lost considerably more if it had continued the promotion during the fall when people are more likely to sign up to watch the networks’ new fall season.

But DIRECTV Now has added roughly 650,000 subscribers in the first two quarters of this year and there’s no doubt that the $10 promotion was a driving factor. It will be interesting to see if the live streamer can continue that meteoric subscription rate without it.

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— Phillip Swann