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Is DIRECTV Now Offering NFL Sunday Ticket?

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Q. Is DIRECTV Now offering the NFL Sunday Ticket? I’m very confused. I hear people saying yes, but I can’t find anything on their site about it. What’s the deal? — Tom, Los Angeles. 

Tom, I have good news for you. DIRECTV Now has quietly added the NFL Sunday Ticket package of out-of-market regular season games in select markets, and Los Angeles area is one of those markets.

Here’s the deal:

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If you live in the Los Angeles area, Phoenix, Boston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Hartford, or Louisville, Kentucky markets — and subscribe to DIRECTV Now’s ‘Just Right’ plan ($55 a month) or above — you can now subscribe to the streaming edition of the NFL Sunday Ticket. (The price is the same as the satellite edition, which is $293.94 for the entire season.)

Previously, the Sunday Ticket was only available on DIRECTV’s satellite TV service, or via streaming through NFLSundayTicket.TV. However, to get the streaming edition, you had to either be a college student, or prove you could not get a DIRECTV satellite dish at your home.

But now, if you live in one of those seven select markets, you just have to be a DIRECTV Now subscriber. ($55 a month plan and up.)

I asked AT&T, which owns DIRECTV and DIRECTV Now, why it is restricting this offer to seven markets. But as of Sunday night, the company has yet to respond.

I will update this story if I get more information.

One last note: If you cancel your DIRECTV Now subscription, your Sunday Ticket online subscription will be cancelled within 10 days.

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  1. Direct TV and Dish and other cable providers are about history UNLESS they offer high speed unlimited data internet at a reasonable cost. The Directvnow app doesn’t offer nearly enough channels compared to other apps.

  2. DIrectTv better offer alot more than just the NFL Sunday Ticket to be even be considered competitive now a days.

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