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Is DIRECTV Now Still $10 a Month?

Q. I read that DIRECTV Now raised its price. So is that $10 a month deal still good? Or did they get rid of it because of the price increase? — Tanya, Chincoteague, Virginia.

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Tanya, I have good news for you. The offer is still good. And here’s how it works:

DIRECTV Now is offering a time-limited deal for new customers: $10 a month for the first three months of its ‘Live a Little’ package which includes 65 live channels.

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The Live a Little plan normally costs $40 a month, up from $35 a month. (As you note, DIRECTV Now last month raised the price for each of its packages by $5 a month.)

However, DIRECTV Now says that if you insert the code, REALDEAL, at checkout, you will get the $40 plan for just $10 a month for three months. That’s a $30 savings per month.

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Please note that the $30 monthly discount is good for any DIRECTV Now plan. For example, if you get the ‘Gotta Have It’ plan, which includes more than 120 channels, you will pay $45 a month in each of the first three months. (The Gotta Have It plan normally costs $75 a month.)

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The price will return to normal after the three month promotion, but you can cancel at any time. So if you cancel before the three months are up, you can get three months of 65 live channels (Live a Little) for just $30 total.

DIRECTV Now does not say at its web site when the $10 a month promotion will end. But it does say that new customers who take advantage of the deal are not eligible for the service’s traditional seven-day free trial. However, the offer does include DIRECTV Now’s new cloud DVR service which features up to 20 hours of recording.

Last note: The Live a Little plan, which is DIRECTV Now’s least expensive package, includes such basic cable favorites as ESPN, ESPN 2, MTV, CNN, HGTV, A&E, AMC, Fox News, MSNBC, Disney, Disney Junior and TBS.

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— Phillip Swann

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  1. 12.4.18 – Deal doesnt work anymore.

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