Q. Is the NFL Sunday Ticket available on DIRECTV Now? I would get it if it was on there. — Ed, Cleveland.

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Ed, as you know, the NFL Sunday Ticket has been an exclusive feature of DIRECTV’s satellite TV service since 1994. The pay package of Sunday afternoon games has been a driving force behind DIRECTV’s subscriber growth over the years.

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And this is a major reason why the Sunday Ticket is NOT available on DIRECTV Now.

While AT&T, which owns DIRECTV Now (and DIRECTV), would like to boost the subscription totals of the live streaming service, the company is afraid that making it non-exclusive on DIRECTV could dramatically hurt the satellite service’s numbers.

There are many DIRECTV customers who have been with the satcaster for years who might switch to the less expensive DIRECTV Now if it offered the Sunday Ticket.

AT&T sometimes is in a tough position trying to serve two masters . The telco wants the relatively new DIRECTV Now to do well, but has to be careful not to promote it at the expense of DIRECTV.

Another factor: AT&T would likely have to negotiate an amendment to its agreement with the National Football League that gives it the rights to the Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV.

Although DIRECTV Now does not carry the Sunday Ticket, you might be happy to hear that the live streamer just added the NFL Network channel to its ‘Just Right’ package for no extra charge. The ‘Just Right’ plan costs $55 a month.

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— Phillip Swann