Q. A friend told me that DIRECTV was getting rid of Weather Nation. Is that true? I hope not. They do a great job, particularly with weather reports in my area. — Carl, Venice, California.

Carl, I’m afraid to tell you the forecast is more than just cloudy this week. Weather Nation says DIRECTV has informed it that it will remove the channel on August 1.

How come?

DIRECTV hasn’t commented yet (and we’ve asked.) And Weather Nation itself says the satellite TV service, and its owner, AT&T, won’t even tell them.

“Ever since DIRECTV (said) they would no longer carry Weather Nation as of August 1, we’ve been bombarded by viewers expressing their frustration and asking us why,” says WeatherNation President Michael Norton. “I wish we could give them an answer, but we’re just as shocked and dismayed as they are. It’s an unfortunate decision by DIRECTV, especially given overwhelming customer engagement and the fact that they offered no terms by which they would continue carrying the service.”

However, if you recall, DIRECTV added Weather Nation in 2014 after it decided to stop carrying the Weather Channel for a few months. The satcaster has long settled its dispute with the latter so it probably concluded it no longer needed two weather channels.

Update: A few readers have told me that DIRECTV says it will add the Accuweather Channel to replace Weather Nation, but still no comment from the satcaster. (This has been confirmed. Accuweather will replace Weather Nation.)

— Phillip Swann