Redbox, the kiosk rental service, has begun renting four 4K Blu-ray discs in six markets, the company announced today.

The trial markets are: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Austin and Miami. And the four 4K discs are: Black Panther, The Matrix, The Martian and The Commuter.

Despite the limited number, Redbox promises to soon expand the 4K lineup with such titles as Red Sparrow, Inception and the 2018 edition of Tomb Raider. It’s unclear when the extra titles will be available, or when Redbox will expand the offering beyond the initial six markets.

The company said the 4K rentals are now available in 2,500 kiosks in the six trial markets.

“This is a major move for Redbox as we focus on expanding consumer access to home entertainment options across price points and formats,” said Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox. “As the popularity of 4K content increases and pricing of 4Khardware decreases, we’re excited to offer the best viewing experience at the best price for 4K Blu-ray discs.”

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The company said the price for the 4K discs will be $2.50 per night, which is 75 cents more than a DVD nightly rental and 50 cents more than a regular Blu-ray nightly rental.

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However, for many 4K TV owners, a slightly higher nightly fee is a small price to pay for the improvement in picture. There are few places to rent 4K Blu-rays now so Redbox can get away with charging a premium price.

— Phillip Swann