Dish this morning reported that it lost a net of approximately 94,000 video subscribers in the first quarter, compared to a decline of approximately 143,000 in the first quarter of 2017.

Dish’s satellite unit lost approximately 185,000 subs in the quarter while Sling TV, the company’s live streaming service, added approximately 91,000.

The company said its satellite TV service finished the quarter with 10.845 million subscribers while its live streaming service, Sling TV, had 2.303 million paying customers. The combined subscriber total for the company was 13.148 million at the end of the first quarter, compared to 13,528 at the end of the first quarter of 2017.

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With more than two million subscribers, Sling TV is still the clear leader in the live streaming category, based on the number of customers. AT&T says DIRECTV Now finished the first quarter with nearly 1.5 million subscribers.

However, DIRECTV Now added a net of 312,000 customers in the first quarter while Sling added just 91,000.

With Dish now reporting, the top four pay TV operators lost a net of 187,000 video subscribers in the first quarter.

The largest operator, AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, U-verse and DIRECTV Now, added a net of 125,000 video customers in the first quarter. (The number includes DIRECTV Now’s net gain of 312,000 customers as well as DIRECTV’s net loss of 188,000 subs. U-verse added a net of 1,000 subscribers in the quarter.)

Comcast, the second largest, lost a net of 96,000 while Charter, the third largest, lost a net of 122,000 video subscribers.

— Phillip Swann