Sling TV has expanded its cloud DVR feature to the Chrome browser, Chromecast, Xbox One, LG Smart TVs and 2016 and 2017 models of Samsung Smart TVs, the live streaming service announced today.

The Sling cloud DVR enables you to record up to 50 hours of programming to watch later for $5 a month, in addition to the cost of a programming package which starts at $20 a month.

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Sling says that with today’s additions, the recording feature is now available on “most devices.” The live streaming service previously offered cloud DVR recording on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV products.

However, Sling notes that the recording feature is not available on some channels. The most notable exceptions are channels owned by Disney, such as ESPN, ABC or The Disney Channel.

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Sling TV says the cloud DVR offers the following features:

Watch anywhere, anytime
Record shows from your favorite devices and watch wherever you want with the freedom to pause, rewind or fast-forward your recorded content. When viewing a recording on FOX channels, if a recording is available from FOX on-demand, you will automatically be redirected to the on-demand content.

No conflicts
Record multiple programs simultaneously, without any recording conflicts.

Keep recordings for later
Your recorded programs will not expire after a certain period of time. You can keep them so long as you subscribe to the cloud DVR.

Protect your recordings
You can ensure that your recording doesn’t get accidentally deleted by clicking on the ‘Protest’ header in the ‘Manage DVR’ section. The show or movie will stay in the DVR file as long as you subscribe.

Auto-managed storage
Sling will automatically manage the Cloud DVR space to make room for new recordings when capacity is full by deleting the oldest “watched” recording.

— Phillip Swann