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What’s the Best-Selling TV at Amazon? You’ll Never Guess

If you asked someone which TVs sell best, you would probably get such answers as Vizio, Samsung, Sony or LG. And while those big brands continue to top many best-selling TV lists, a relatively little-known TV manufacturer named TCL is blowing everyone away at

TCL, a Chinese company which sold more than 23 million sets worldwide last year, today holds the top five spots on Amazon’s best-selling TVs list.

The sets are a TCL 55-inch 4K TV with Roku inside ($369); a 32-inch 720p HDTV with Roku inside ($169); a 49-inch 4K TV with Roku inside ($329); a 43-inch 4K TV with Roku inside ($299) and a 40-inch 1080p HDTV with Roku ($249).

You may think that today is an unusual one for TCL to top the Amazon charts, but the manufacturer normally holds the top one or two spots on the list thanks to its lineup of budget TVs, particularly in the 4K TV category. (It would appear that TCL’s alliance with Roku is quite helpful, too.)

That’s a likely sign that many online shoppers are more inclined to buy an inexpensive set, as opposed to retail shoppers who might be more receptive to buying a larger-screen (and more expensive) TV from a name brand.

To see today’s top-selling TVs at Amazon, click here. 

— Phillip Swann

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  1. I purchased the 55” TCL 4K HDR RokuTV last month at a Big Box retailer that happened to (slightly) beat Amazon in price for the same product. I was not in the market for a 4K television, just a replacement for an aging 47” 1080p 3DTV. After much comparison shopping I was able to get a larger screen, 4K and HDR (via HDR10) for a very small overall increase in price that I would have paid for a replacement 1080p (Non-3D) television. I’ve owned Roku devices for many years, but this is my first RokuTV and so far I am very impressed. I did some manual tuning with the picture over a week or so (every input can be set individually) and watching Vudu movies streaming in 4K and HDR is a feature I must say I was skeptical about at first, but I am sure happy about the decision. The 2160p (UHD) picture alone isn’t much difference to my eye compared to 1080p (Full HD), but when combined with HDR10 it does make a significant enhancement for the picture.

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