Dish is now selling the 2018 MLB Extra Innings plan for $175, which is $10 more than it charged for the 2017 package of out-of-market baseball games.

The $10 hike represents a six percent increase.

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DIRECTV, Dish’s satellite rival, recently announced that it has priced this season’s Extra Innings package at $173.99, which is a $1.20 increase over last year.

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As they did in the previous three years, both Dish and DIRECTV are including a free subscription to MLB.TV with the Extra Innings package.

MLB.TV, which normally costs $115.99, allows subscribers to watch the games over the Internet on connected devices.

Dish says its satellite edition of the Extra Innings package offers up to 100 regular season games a week.

DIRECTV says its plan offers up to 90 games per week, but the package also includes the MLB Strike Zone Channel, a highlights feed, and the Game Mix channel, which can display up to eight games on screen at the same time.

Several other TV providers, including Verizon, Comcast and Cox, have offered MLB Extra Innings in the past. But they have yet to reveal details for their 2018 plans. Usually, the difference (if any) in the Extra Innings price among the providers is small.

— Phillip Swann

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