Q. I read your article that DIRECTV has Blue Planet II in 4K. But what about Dish? Does it offer it on 4K? I haven’t seen it in my Dish lineup. — Brandon, Huntingtown, Maryland. 

Brandon, I have good news for you, but before I answer your question, let me tell you and everyone else what Blue Planet II is.

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Planet Earth: Blue Planet II, which is a follow-up to the BBC documentary, Planet Earth, examines the beautiful and sometimes mysterious world of oceans. The BBC says the show took more than four years to produce and required 125 expeditions to 39 different countries.

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Blue Planet II teams spent more than 6,000 hours diving underwater and filming everywhere from the Gulf of Mexico to the Seychelles to Norway.

The show is presented by Sir David Attenborough with a music score by Hans Zimmer.

The nature series is airing in HD on BBC America and, yes, 4K on DIRECTV’s channel 104 at 9 p.m. ET on eight consecutive Saturday nights, starting January 20.

And starting this week, Dish has added Blue Planet II to its 4K On Demand section. The documentary will be available in 4K there until April 9.

To watch, click the ‘Home’ button of your Dish remote and scroll to the On-Demand menu to select Blue Planet II in 4K.

DISH customers can watch Blue Planet II on-demand in 4K UHD with a Hopper 3 or 4K Joey connected to a 4K TV.

And if you only own a high-def set, Dish is offering a free preview of BBC America (channel 135 on Dish) until March 6, which allows you to watch the final three episodes for free.

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— Phillip Swann