What Happened to the Chiller Channel?


Q. I’m a big fan of the Chiller Channel, but I can’t find it on DIRECTV anymore. Did they get rid of it? I hope not because it had the best horror films anywhere! — Karen, Topeka, Kansas.

Karen, I’m sorry to inform you that the Chiller Channel isn’t on DIRECTV anymore. Or on any TV service, for that matter. NBC, which owned the horror-themed channel, decided to terminate it on January 1, 2018.

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I’ve heard from many Chiller fans like yourself that they miss the channel’s lineup of low-budget horror films, old TV shows and original fare such as Slasher.

So, why did NBC get rid of it?

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The short answer, of course, is money. Chiller, which launched in 2007, was once carried by several TV operators including DIRECTV, Dish, Charter/Spectrum and Cox. However, in the months leading up to Chiller’s closing, Dish, Charter and Cox all decided to remove the channel from their lineups.

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Shortly before its closing date, DIRECTV and AT&T’s U-verse were the only major providers to offer the channel.

In the TV business, if a channel isn’t carried by multiple pay TV services, it doesn’t make money. And if a channel doesn’t make money, it’s history.

This has become a trend in the television industry. Niche channels such as Chiller are having an increasingly difficult time finding a place in cable and satellite lineups.


The cable and satellite operators are tightening their belts due to the growing defection of  subscribers who are weary of pay TV’s rising monthly bills. Consequently, the cable and satellite services are less likely to pay carriage fees for niche channels which have relatively small audiences. Instead, the pay TV operators save their carriage money for high-profile channels which are viewed by more people.

Despite the intensity of its fan base, Karen, Chiller simply didn’t have enough viewers to stay in business.

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— Phillip Swann

23 comments on “What Happened to the Chiller Channel?”

  1. Cord cutters wouldn’t have to cut the cord if it wasn’t for the greedy networks and cable and satellite services. I am cutting my cord to Spectrum which use to be Charter and I have been with them since 1997, over 20 yrs. My first bills back in 97 was like $50,00 now even with a bundle that is suppose to save you money I am paying $264.00. It just keeps going up. Streaming is the way to go now.

      1. There are still ways to watch the content on chiller. There is an apk all called mobdro that has a chiller theater channel. I would pay for service but it is free to stream but I think illegal to ownload. My kids found it for me after they saw my disappointment that the chiller channel had ended.

  2. Well geez direct TV now needs to remove it from its channels lineup it’s July 2018 and it shows up as an active channel. It’s frustrating because I actually got a big package because of that channel.

    1. I miss Chiller T.V. too and would pay extra for it. Find it hard to believe it didn’t have a big following. Wish there was a service where you could stream it.

  3. To Chiller fans like me. Now I’m still researching but so far I’ve been told you can find chiller on Directv Now app and Playstation vue. So i will be looking into it all, maybe you guys can too. Man I hope I find chiller again. I love the chiller channel, I so wish charter will bring it back! Anyhow, good luck.

  4. I like the Chiller Channel why you took down off Cox Cable it was good that why I got Cox Cable to watch it. Put back on the channel 368

  5. Why not put chiller as a side channel like laff or me tv so those of us fans of it can still watch it. It was nd is 10 times better than Syfy. I think Syfy SUCKS

  6. I thinks its messed up , for people like us who love horror films , live for horror movies tv shows now what will we do??? Slasher the best tv show out there who will pick it up ??? If anyone .im so sick n tired of this everytime theres something good for us they take it away

  7. Ever time we like something it gets taken away or have cartoon (futurama) on every night like sci-fi, instead of horror like we like.

    1. I also was a diehard chiller fan. So sad to see it go .I recently became a cord cutter with roku. I downloaded youtube channel so a I could watch videos from my play list. Just for the hell of it a few days ago started looking up old t.v.shows and to my surprise I was able to find old chiller faves of mine. Masters of Horror and Night Visions. Maybe if you have access to YouTube and remember what it was you watched it just may be on there…

  8. The chiller channel was one of our favorite channels and now since it is no longer on many people are dropping services and and who knows will be the next thanks.

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