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DIRECTV Now Offers Free Apple TV With Sub

The live streamer has sweeten the deal.

DIRECTV Now is now offering a free Apple TV (32GB) with 4K HDR content if you agree to pre-pay for three months of the live streaming service. The offer is only available to new customers.

The AT&T-owned streamer previously included the Apple TV device in a bundle with a four month subscription paid in advance. But for a limited time, it’s now available in a three-month offer.

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The deal is a good value if you’ve been considering buying the new version of the Apple TV. Three months of DIRECTV Now’s basic plan (“Live a Little” package, which includes 60 channels) would come to $105 total while the Apple TV’s lowest price is $179.

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The deal effectively enables you to get the new Apple TV for a $74 discount.

The Apple TV includes the A10 X Fusion Chip, which helps the company’s new iPad Pro run faster, and more efficiently, and it supports DolbyVision HDR, which Amazon’s Fire TV, and Roku’s Ultra 4K and Premiere+ 4K, do not.

(However, it should be noted that relatively few titles are available in DolbyVision HDR. Also: DIRECTV Now does not offer programming in 4K.)

The 32GB version costs $179 while the 64GB device goes for $199.

The Apple TV giveaway is a continuation of a recent effort by AT&T to boost its overall sub numbers.

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The telco this month launched a promotion that would allow new customers to pay $10 a month for the first three months of its ‘Live a Little’ package.

And AT&T late last year introduced new promotional prices for new DIRECTV and U-verse customers with the cheapest plan beginning at $35 a month for the first 12 months.

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  1. Had to use DTV Now for a week. Not reliable enough to use on a regular basis… no thanks…

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