Hulu is still apologizing for last Sunday’s meltdown during the final minutes of the Super Bowl. In fact, the company is now offering a free month of Hulu Live to customers who lost their picture during the game. writes that Hulu has sent an e-mail to affected subscribers notifying them of the free month, and promising to fix the cause of the problem.

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It’s still unclear how many Hulu Live subscribers experienced the blackout at the end of the game. Hulu says the number was relatively small, although hundreds posted angry complaints on social media sites.

Click Amazon: Today’s 1-Day-Only Deals! writes that Hulu’s apology e-mail said the extensions that permit a live show to continue past its scheduled end time (the Super Bowl ran long) didn’t perform correctly, causing the picture to go black.

“Apologies for the disruption this evening. While the interruption could not have come at a more important time, we are confident we can prevent this in the future,” Hulu wrote at 12:12 a.m. ET on Monday morning following the game’s conclusion.

“Especially considering you’ll only have to stream for about 10 people after tomorrow,” responded @larrykokoszka a few minutes later, one of many Hulu users who felt the apology was insufficient.

Hulu’s free month offer suggests the company knows it needs to do more to make amends. Hulu Live costs $39.99 a month.

In addition to the Super Bowl snafu, both Hulu Live and its subscription Video on Demand service have suffered several significant technical problems in the last few weeks, including login issues and buffering.

— Phillip Swann