DIRECTV Raising Sunday Ticket Prices Despite Anthem Protests


DIRECTV has raised the 2018 pre-season price on its most popular NFL Sunday Ticket package by 4.2 percent.

The satcaster, which is now taking orders for the 2018 season, has priced the basic Sunday Ticket package at $293.94, compared to the 2017 pre-season price of $281.94.

The price increase comes although DIRECTV reportedly received numerous requests for Sunday Ticket refunds in 2017 due to the player protests during the National Anthem.

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In 2016, DIRECTV charged just $257.94 if you ordered the basic Sunday Ticket before the first week of regular season action. That means the satcaster has increased the price for the basic plan by 14 percent in two years.

(During that time, ratings for NFL games on broadcast and cable channels have declined and some analysts believe the Anthem protests, which began in 2016, are a factor. )

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The basic Sunday Ticket plan entitles a subscriber to watch out-of-market Sunday NFL games as well as access the Ticket Mix Channel (all games on one screen at the same time) and on-screen stats.

DIRECTV has raised the pre-season price for the Sunday Ticket Max plan to $395.94, compared to $377.94 for the 2017 Max price. That’s an increase of 4.7 percent. (DIRECTV last year raised the Max price by five percent over the 2016 price.)

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The Max plan includes the live regular season games as well as the Red Zone Channel (games are broadcast when a team crosses the other team’s 20 yard-line), and the DIRECTV Fantasy channel.

Both the basic and Max plans also permit subscribers to stream the games on their computers, mobiles and connected TVs.

DIRECTV has just revealed the 2018 pricing structure at its web site.

The satcaster, which has held the exclusive rights to the Ticket since its launch in 1994, reportedly paid $1.5 billion a year for eight years in the current contract which started with the 2015 season.

The Ticket increase also coincides with a similar increase DIRECTV is implementing on nearly every programming package, starting last month.

— Phillip Swann

10 comments on “DIRECTV Raising Sunday Ticket Prices Despite Anthem Protests”

  1. It is unfortunate that DTV is raising prices again for the NFL Sunday Ticket. However Phil, the players are NOT protesting over the National Anthem as you say. They are protesting DURING the National Anthem for criminal justice reform and against police brutality. Words and facts matter.

  2. Dierctv can’t pay for Sunday ticket it self they make us pay for it they are way over Charing you that’s wrong yea need to protest on atat go took over dierctv and get money back are shut down sundayctickit for good.just watch on local channels.2018.

  3. And yet they continue to try and give it to me for free as a promotion. And I keep telling them I don’t want it. They never do that with MLB Extra Innings, though.

  4. Just another reason to not watch the not for long league. 99.99% are nothing but overpaid prima don A’s who threaten to leave anytime they don’t their way. They should appreciate the ability to play for pay & live in a country that others have shed blood (& some paid w/their lives) so they can do so. F**k them & the not for long league.

  5. I haven’t watched the nit for long league in nearly ten years & haven’t watched the Super Bowl & worthless hype for nearly 40 years. I do keep up w/guys from my college but I don’t watch the games.

  6. demonstrations during working hours should never be allowed, no matter what or whom is being demonstrated against. Let the NFL players get authorization, and march down any and as many streets as they like. TRUTH… the demonstrations are NOT as you say against police, but until President Trump came out against them, it had about died down. When one player stands for a foreign flag, MEXICAN, but refuses to stand for the American flag? I think we all know where he’s coming from. I watched the NFL w/ my dad backmin the 50’s watched w/ my kids in the 70’s until this year, i bitched and whined about salaries, missed calls just like every other fan, I stopped cold this year. My stomach turned. I served 6 years in the military and like every other person took the oath that said I would lay down my life for my country. I no longer miss football as the NFL goes So, charge whatever you need to make your profit Direct V not getting MY money

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