NBC: Winter Olympics Will Not Stream In 4K

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NBC has confirmed to the TV Answer Man that its NBC Sports app will not offer 4K or 4K HDR coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics, which begins this week from South Korea.

Comcast, DIRECTV and Dish have all revealed this week that they will offer NBC’s 4K video of the games on a 24-hour delay.

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The announcements have triggered speculation on social media sites that the network will also feature 4K coverage on its NBC Sports app which will stream more than 1,800 hours of action during the games. (The Winter Olympics will run from Thursday, February 8, through February 25.)

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But a NBC spokeswoman said today in an e-mail that “NBC Olympics 4K HDR coverage is being made available to distribution partners through their set-top box.” When asked if that ruled out 4K on the NBC Sports stream, the spokeswoman said, “That’s right.”

While DIRECTV, Comcast and Dish are the only pay TV providers to say they will offer 4K coverage of the games, one source said more TV services could still do so

TVAnswerMan.com will continue to monitor this development and report back here if more distributors agree to carry the games in 4K.

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— Phillip Swann

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  1. I hate politics that lead to decisions like this. I hope NBC realizes that a lot of people do not have choice of providers and one of the few ways they can get 4K content is through streaming services. We only get to experience the winter Olympics once every 4 years! So we have to wait another 4 years just to see if they will stream in 4K? Ridiculous…

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