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1. Comcast & DIRECTV to Offer Winter Olympics In 4K

Yesterday, I told you that DIRECTV would air portions of the games in 4K. Well, Comcast, will, too.

But what do you need to watch the Olympics in 4K on Comcast?

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Comcast 4K


2. DIRECTV Now Offers Plan For $10 a Month

DIRECTV Now is offering a time-limited deal for new customers: $10 a month for the first three months of its ‘Live a Little’ package which includes more than 60 live channels.

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3. Redbox Adding 31 New Titles In February

Redbox, the kiosk disc rental service, will add 31 new DVD and Blu-ray movies in February, the company has announced.

Which titles? And which ones will be available in Blu-ray?

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4. Dish to Offer a Month of Free Premium Channels

Dish this month is holding free preview of five different premium channels, starting last weekend with the Starz channel.

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