How to Get DIRECTV Now For $10 a Month


DIRECTV Now is offering a time-limited deal for new customers: $10 a month for the first three months of its ‘Live a Little’ package which includes more than 60 live channels.

The Live a Little plan normally costs $35 a month. However, DIRECTV Now says that if you insert the code, YESNOW3, at checkout, you will get the $35 plan for just $10 a month for three months.

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The price will return to $35 a month after the three month promotion, but you can cancel at any time. So if you cancel before the three months are up, you will wind up getting three months of 60 live channels for just $30.

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DIRECTV Now does not say at its web site when the $10 a month promotion will end. But it does say that new customers who take advantage of the deal are not eligible for the service’s traditional seven-day free trial.

The Live a Little plan, which is DIRECTV’s least expensive package, includes such basic cable favorites as ESPN, ESPN 2, MTV, CNN, HGTV, A&E, AMC, Fox News, MSNBC, Disney, Disney Junior and TBS.

— Phillip Swann

11 comments on “How to Get DIRECTV Now For $10 a Month”

  1. How about those of us who have been with DTV for over 10 yr
    Where is our THANK You with a deal
    If not for us you would be as profitable as you are now

  2. Direct TV for $10/month for three months sounds good. So what’s the catch? Is it only a few channels? Is it only if you sign up for a long period of time and it jumps to a higher rate after 3 months? Do I have to sign up for a bundled package for stuff I may not want to need? How do I find more info?

  3. Do u have a option of watching your program at what ever time u want say a show that airs on Monday can u watch it on Tuesday

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