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Charter Loses 11 Network Affiliates In Fee Fight

The companies are fighting over carriage fees.

Charter has lost 11 local network affiliates due to a fee fight with their owner, Northwest Broadcasting.

The stations are: KSWT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Yuma, Arizona; KYMA-TV, the NBC affiliate in Yuma; KIEM-TV, the NBC affiliate in Eureka, California; KVIQ, the CBS affiliate in Eureka, KAYU-TV, the Fox affiliate in Spokane, Washington; WSYT-TV, the Fox affiliate in Syracuse, New York; WICZ-TV, the Fox affiliate in Binghamton, New York; KMVU-TV, the Fox affiliate in Medford, Oregon; KFFX-TV, the Fox affiliate in Yakima, Washington; KAYU-TV, the Fox affiliate in Spokane, Washington; and KPVI-TV, the NBC affiliate in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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Charter subscribers have been without the 11 network affiliates since last night, but the companies are disagreeing over which one pulled the signals.

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“Northwest Broadcasting, the owner of some local networks, has removed their programming from Spectrum (Charter’s brand for consumer services) to create hardship for our customers, while we are negotiating in good faith to reach a fair agreement,” reads a Charter statement at a site the company has created for this dispute,

However, Northwest has posted a notice at station web sites that says Charter removed the channels while negotiations were continuing.

“We apologize for not being available on Spectrum cable. We offered to extend our current agreement, and Spectrum took us off the air unexpectedly. We are however still available over the air with an antenna,” the broadcaster stated.

The two companies are battling over how much Charter should pay to carry the Northwest-owned channels. In addition to the network affiliates, Northwest owns some independent stations, and MyTV affiliates, which Charter has also lost in the dispute.

The timing of the disagreement couldn’t be worse for Charter subscribers with three NBC affiliates involved. NBC will air tomorrow’s Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

For a possible solution, see: NBC to Offer Super Bowl For Free.

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— Phillip Swann

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8 Comments on Charter Loses 11 Network Affiliates In Fee Fight

  1. The removal of stations that broadcast the Super Bowl is a disgusting manipulation of customers. Spectrum obviously is preparing to raise their already exorbitant rates.

  2. Christine Sandness // February 3, 2018 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    You better get these channels back SOON! I am not going to pay 1/2 of my next bill for being down stations. I am also going back to FIOS.

  3. Spectrum won’t have to worry about getting ANY more of my money. We are canceling all out services in our residences, rental properties and businesses. We had both satellite and cable and cancelled satellite a few years ago. Going back!

  4. I too, am sick and tired of Spectrum’s outrageous prices. It’s clear to me that they’re going to raise prices anyway, no matter what Northwest decides. Count me out, I am so gone!

  5. I find it sickening that you doing this you wonder why people are switching over to different networks we never had this problem when time warner as in business

  6. Does anyone really believe that a Television station would want to pull its signal off the air to make a point? Spectrum/Charter doesn’t fool anyone that they were “surprised” that the station pulled its signal. Stations unlike cable companies know the value of their viewers and would never want to jeopardize that. I’m sorry Charter but you should be thinking about your viewers and how to bring costs down, not take something away from them. Shame on you…I encourage everyone reading this thread to switch to over the air antenna’s, Dish or Direct TV etc etc….the only way to make a difference with these cable decision makers who love to raise your bill every chance they get and then blame it on Television owners, is to cancel your service with them. They will understand that.

  7. When tv atenna broadcadt was still analog we could get free tv. Then the FCC required them to shut down their analog transmission, but strangly hispanic programming is allowed to continue. The digital only travels a few miles beyond the transmitters. The FCC did not require them to cover any sreas beyond cities. This forced the viewers into paying for cable and satillite. The lobbyists must be lining the pockets of our politicians very well. I called our local assemblyman here on the CA north coast. His representitive cut me short, said he was busy and said he would call back, but didnt ask for my number. A-holes!

  8. Betty McAllister // February 10, 2018 at 2:34 pm // Reply

    You take our stations down and raise our monthy bill what the hell is wrong with you people..Last month my bill was 183 with all my stations this month its 185..You charge us a arm and a leg to watch tv and have the nerve to take stations away and charge us more…GIVE US BACK OUR STATIONS WE PAY YOU FOR!!!~

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