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Swanni Sez Newsletter — February 1, 2018

Good morning, everyone.

Welcome to today’s Swanni Sez newsletter, which includes links and summaries of the day’s top stories in TV technology.

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Now, let’s go to the news!


1. AT&T: More Bad News For DIRECTV, U-verse
AT&T yesterday released its fourth quarter earnings report and it revealed a disturbing trend for the company’s two traditional TV services, DIRECTV and U-verse.

What’s the bad news?

To find out, click below!

DIRECTV, U-verse News


2. DIRECTV Now to Get Enhancements In Spring
While AT&T yesterday had bad news for DIRECTV and U-verse, the company’s top executives were all aglow over its live streaming service, DIRECTV Now. In fact, AT&T said DIRECTV Now subscribers will see some interesting enhancements come this spring.

What are they?

To find out, click below!

DIRECTV Now Enhancements


3. DIRECTV to Raise MLB Extra Innings Price
The satcaster revealed this morning that it will raise the price on its 2018 MLB Extra Innings package.

By how much?

To find out, click below!

MLB Extra Innings Price


4. Charter to Launch News Channels In LA, 4 Other Markets
The TV Answer Man has learned exclusively that Charter plans to launch 24-hour news channels in Los Angeles and four other markets in 2018.

Which markets?

To find out, click below

Charter News


5. Hulu Cancels Drama
The TV Grim Reaper was busy again yesterday, taking his big ax to yet another show, this time at Hulu.

What got canceled?

To find out, click below!

Canceled Show


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