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1. Secret Memo: Netflix Coming to All Charter Homes In 2018

The TV Answer Man has obtained a private memo from Charter CEO Tom Rutledge that details his company’s plans for 2018. In addition to the Netflix news, the executive reveals his plans for several other video and data related projects.

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Charter Memo


2. AT&T & DIRECTV Settle 4-Month-Long Fee Fight

AT&T and DIRECTV have been involved in a fee fight with a local broadcaster for more than four months. But the dispute has been settled.

Which channels will be returning to their viewers?

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Fee Fight 


3. Another Show Is Canceled!

Yes, the network Grim Reaper is still at work, taking his big ax to yet another show.

What got canceled now?

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4. Netflix Dropping 50 Titles In February

Netflix is adding 79 new TV shows and movies to its streaming lineup in February, but to make room, the video service is jettisoning 50 titles as well.

What’s leaving the streaming service?

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Netflix Dropping


5. Amazon Selling 4K Fire TV Set-Top For $54.99

Amazon is offering a 21 percent discount on its latest Amazon Fire TV streaming device with 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video.

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