Showtime has canceled the Andrew Dice Clay comedy, Dice, after two seasons and 13 episodes.

The show starred Clay playing himself as an aging comedian trying to make a comeback in Las Vegas while reuniting with his dysfunctional family.

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Dice, the show, rolled snake eyes with the critics, scoring a mere 33 out of a possible 100 at, the site which tracks critical reviews. Only five of 15 critics surveyed by the site said they liked the show.

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“The Dice man is back with a few surprisingly funny guest stars, but they’re not enough to salvage a series of unfunny storylines,” states, summarizing the critics.

Verne Gay in Newsday offered an even more scathing review, borrowing from Clay’s once-successful routine as a stand-up.

“Hickory dickory dock, this review won’t come as a shock. The show is bad, the star a bit sad, his shtick as old as a rock,” Gay wrote.

The show was not a hit with viewers, either, with some episodes generating fewer than 200,000 during its initial live airing.

— Allison Moore