Charter plans to expand its 24-hour news channel operation to five new markets in 2018, including Los Angeles, according to a company memo obtained exclusively by

The cable operator now owns 24-hour news channels (called Spectrum News) in five states. They are located in New York, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Kentucky.

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The channels were originally launched by Time Warner Cable, but became Charter property after the companies merged in 2016.

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In a memo sent to company employees on January 12, 2018, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge says five more markets served by the cable operator will get local news channels this year.

“We will also build and launch a 24-hour local news channel in Los Angeles, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Kansas City,” Rutledge writes.

The Charter chief does not offer additional details.

While Rutledge names Kentucky as one of the markets where the cable operator will launch a 24-hour news channel, Charter already has a news channel that serves Louisville and Lexington in that state.

As for the plan to build a news channel in Los Angeles, Charter is now advertising for a vice president for Spectrum News in LA.

“The position of VP, Spectrum News is responsible for the design, build and day-to-day leadership and management of a Los Angeles-based news station,” the job description states. The job was posted nine days ago.

The Rutledge memo also details other plans for Charter in 2018. To learn more about the memo, and its contents, click here.

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— Phillip Swann